1. This search box will search across artist and song title.
2. Less is more and spelling and punctuation count.
3. If looking for Pat Benatar, many people spell her last name wrong, so just type "Pat Ben" and you will get all songs listed.
4. If you search for 3 or 4 letters from artist and 3 or 4 letter from title you will find most songs, avoid words like "The", "Love" and "Night" as they are all in many songs... So as examples:

Example 1: You want Journey - Don't Stop Believin' - many people type believing and that will not match or sometime a disc company will leave out the ' in "Don't"
Search for "jour stop" or "jour bel" and the song will come up directly!

Example 2: You love John Mellencamp, but are not sure how to spell it .. Type "john mel" - You will get mostly his songs with a few others sprinkled in.

Example 3: If you do not know Artist type a few words you know from title and are sure are spelled correctly. If you are looking for "Never Gonna Give you Up" by Rick Astley but are not sure of who did it or exact title type "never give up" and you will get just a few songs, including one you are looking for.

5. When you are done.. Click on the icon at right side colum under action and enter singer name to add to queue.

Notes: We have removed leading "The" and "A" in most artists and in some songs.We have some duets under duets, so type duet and who you are thinking of like "duet faith" for Faith Hill and Tim McGraw , We also have musicals, standard-traditional, christmas,irish broke out with that in artist so type that and you will get a list.  See the host with questions.. Play around and have fun.

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